The fashion designer and mom of two shared her family's costumes on Instagram, and immediately became the target of criticism.

By Maressa Brown
November 03, 2017

Jessica Simpson is no stranger to mom-shaming. Earlier this year, she was criticized for dressing her 5-year-old daughter Maxwell Drew in a bikini. Now, the fashion designer's family Halloween photo has aggravated Instagram commenters. Simpson took to the social media site on Wednesday, November 1 to share the shot of herself dressed up as Willie Nelson (with a full beard!), her husband Eric Johnson as Waylon Jennnings, son Ace as a cowboy, and Max as Belle from Beauty & the Beast. Sounds innocent enough, right?

But critics are slamming Simpson for going too far for Maxi's princess look -- by making her hair brown. It's unclear if Simpson used a temporary spray or even a really believable wig, but plenty of commenters jumped to the conclusion that the celeb mom dyed her daughter's hair. "Did you dye her beautiful blonde hair @jessicasimpson ??? or spray color," one commenter asked. Another asked, "Why would you color your daughters hair at such a young age???"

Meanwhile, others jumped to Simpson's defense, writing, "I sprayed my daughter's hair red for halloween... I must be a terrible parent too," and "I've colored my daughters hair every color of the rainbow by the time she was 9. People need to get a grip. Last time I checked, that was YOUR daughter, so why the hell does anybody think they have a right to say a damn thing!?!"

It's likely that Simpson appreciates having other moms weigh in supportively. At the same time, surely she's owning however she and Johnson chose to transform their daughter's mane. (Oh, yep, Johnson is Maxi's parent, as well, right? How come he never has to bear the brunt of any of this shaming?)

Ultimately, this celeb mom has been through enough shaming incidents that hopefully she knows to shrug this eye roll-inducing one off!


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