Too busy to send out a season's greeting from your fam? You're so not alone. 
seinfeld family holiday photo
Credit: Jessica Seinfeld/Facebook

Christmas has now come and gone and the grand total of holiday cards we received in the mail this year is...five. Kind of shocking when you consider that just a few years ago we received enough good tidings to cover our entire Sub-Zero and three-quarters of the adjacent kitchen wall.

So what gives? Is it the fact that our kids are getting older now? Are we simply too lazy? Or is social media to blame? Because when we're all busy posting every major milestone and school picture and vacation shot 24/7/365, what else could there possibly be left to share?

For me, it's a combination of all of those things. I stopped sending out cards about three years ago. And yes, I've still got some major guilt about it. But check out Jessica Seinfeld. The mom-of-three is seriously OWNING her decision to go digital with her season's greeting this year. She posted an adorable shot of her bundled up family of five (well, seven if you count the two dogs) to Facebook over the holiday weekend, then added a super relatable caption:

"And for one half of a second, they stopped fighting," she wrote. "I am about to lose it. This is our holiday card because I didn't do one. Happy holidays. If we make it to 2017 it will be a miracle."

We are SO with you, Jessica! Every single one of us is just struggling to hold it all it together as we wrap up 2016, and we love you for keeping it real. The pic is pretty amazing though—the kiddos are all grown up now, and you can almost hear Jerry's signature giggle.

Here's to laughing through those tough times, Seinfelds...and to NOT pretending anything will change when the year does!

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