Jessica Biel

As if we needed more hints that Jessica Biel is expecting a baby with hubby Justin Timberlake, it appears her kid-friendly restaurant will open in L.A. this spring. A post on Au Fudge's Instagram feed revealed the organic restaurant and bakery finally got its permits last week, and a source told the space is scheduled to open in mid May. Based on the size of the obvious baby bump Biel sported last week, don't you think that seems dangerously close to her due date?!

Jessica Biel's family-friendly eatery will serve rainbow-hued pasta, bread, and ice cream to appeal to the kiddos as well as fried artichoke sandwiches and duck eggs to satisfy more mature palates, based on the space's Instagram pics. Let's hope Au Fudge is working on an adult-friendly drinks menu, too. Getting through a meal out with kids is always more enjoyable with a cocktail!

I also hope the reports that Au Fudge will be "a place where A-listers would feel comfortable bringing their kids" aren't true, and that Biel makes the space friendly to all types of families. Taking kids out to eat is challenging for all parents, and even though my eight-year-old daughter handles restaurants well, even she gets impatient when my husband and I drag out a meal—okay, have a second adult beverage. Of course, having the second beverage makes her whining seem much less annoying.

Wouldn't it be great if there were a restaurant that had a play space with babysitters in the middle of all the tables, sort of like a boxing ring? Preferably surrounded by sound-proof glass! Our kids could go play there before and after the food arrives, so we parents could enjoy a few moments of actual conversation. Jessica, if you want to use my idea, I'm cool with it. Could you just get me backstage passes to your dreamy husband's next concert?

Ellen Sturm Niz is a New York City-based editor and writer who mentally thanks Steve Jobs for the iPhone every time she goes out to dinner with her daughter. Follow her on Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ to see more of her articles about kids and parenting, home design and DIY projects, and food trends and menu ideas.

Image via Jessica Biel's Instagram