Jessica Biel on the Parenting Feat That Freaks Her Out

Terrified to take your tot out for dinner? You're not alone!

Jessica Biel Au Fudge
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For actress Jessica Biel, few things are more terrifying than taking her 10-month-old son Silas out to eat.

"Since he's so little still and I'm still kind of learning how I do it in a very smooth and like elegant way, it's terrifying. You get to a place, you want to make sure the diners around you are not being bothered, you're full of anxiety, you're trying to go as fast as you can—you don't enjoy it at all," Justin Timberlake's other half told E! News.

Oh Jessica, I so feel you! When I was a new mom, I used to get so much anxiety about what other people were thinking about my child's behavior in a restaurant. Every time she dropped a fork or a noodle, I would literally go red-faced. The good news? By kid #3, I am so over that fear!

Of course, given her star status, Biel is doing more than the average parent would to solve a common problem. While most of us would just order in instead of dragging our baby to another ill-fated dinner, she and Timberlake are launching a new eatery!

The gorgeous star mama described what the restaurant is going to be like, saying, "That is exactly what we want to erase from the feeling of a mom, a dad, a family, a nanny, grandparents bringing their grandkids here. It doesn't matter. We just want you to feel stress free about it and know that they're playing with things that are safe, that we don't use chemicals here, that there's not just a bunch of plastic everywhere and we've really tried to think very thoughtfully about your family because it's our family, too."

Biel added that now that she's a mom, she gets why a family-friendly dining experience is so needed. "I didn't have any real understanding of how important it would be to find a place and create a space where a family can come and your kid can be happy doing something and you can be really happy doing something else or you can be experiencing it together," she told E!

The restaurant, which will open in Los Angeles on Thursday, is called Au Fudge. All we can say is, when is Au Fudge going national?!

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Follow her on Twitter (@Spitupnsuburbs), where she chronicles her love of exercising and drinking coffee, but never simultaneously.

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