The actress, who's married to Justin Timberlake, also opened up about the challenge of striking a balance between work and family life.

By Maressa Brown
August 05, 2017

While out and about promoting her new project, The Sinner, Jessica Biel has also been opening up about her personal life at home with husband Justin Timberlake and 2-year-old son Silas. Yesterday, Friday, August 4, Biel appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan alongside fellow celeb mama Busy Philips and the two bonded over their "mutual weirdos"—aka their kids!

“He is a total weirdo,” Biel jokingly explained to Ryan of Silas. “But he’s amazing. They’re all weird. They’re like these little, lovely, strange, mini humans and they’re all specific." For instance, she pointed out that Philips' daughters—Cricket, 4, and Birdie, 8—are weird and funny in their own way, while Silas is quirky in his. The bottom-line being that just by being young and filled with their own personality, they're adorable. "It’s a complete cute, weird combo," the 35-year-old observed. Yep, pretty much!

Biel also admitted it's not always easy to juggle her professional and personal lives. “It’s hard. I mean, I think trying to find the balance between work and family and just being an independent human — which is hard, because when you’re married, you’re stretched thin kind of everywhere — and it’s been amazing creatively, but really hard,” she said. “I think every working parent must feel the same.” Also, very real—and relatable!

When it comes to striking that elusive balance, Biel feels like she and JT are doing OK right now. But it's never going to be perfect. “We’ve sort of been stable here [in NYC] which has been so nice, but [Justin] is kind of doing his thing and he’s sort of all over the place,” Biel said. “I don’t think you can ever master finding the balance. You like master it and then, your kids are grown up, and you’re home alone and sad.”

Aww! Well, in the meantime, she has a hectic but beautiful life with her very young family of three! And whether Biel's grappling with her "total weirdo" kiddo or working mom life, she's definitely not alone.