Jessica Alba on the Best and Worst Advice About Kids Ever—And Who Needs to "Just Stop!"

You would be right to note that Hollywood star, entrepreneur, and mom of two Jessica Alba has a just a few things on her plate!

Among all of her many projects and commitments, she held court last week at a garden party to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the partnership between her nontoxic product line, the Honest Company, and Target.

That's where I caught up with her to chat about how she handles successful parenting of kids Honor and Haven with all of the other facets of her full — and joyful life.

Off the bat, she said she feels continual nagging guilt and calls everything on the fly—don't we all?!

But she also remains focused on her own family's happiness and success by rejecting other people's judgments and unhelpful advice along the way. (I'm sure all of us can relate to that constant nagging, judge-y sidebar!)

The best parenting advice she says she can pass along to other parents is, "What works for you is not going to work for everyone. Everyone should have their own way of doing things," she said. "Anybody who wants to tell someone how to raise their kids or how to do it should just stop!" (Can I get an amen?)

The whole "What works for one family is different from what works for another" mantra doesn't apply to just one family compared to another, either—but from individual children, too. "One of my kids came out very differently from another, so we communicate differently with one kid versus another," she said, of parenting with husband Cash Warren. "It's not just a carbon copy of a person. You really have to tailor to what makes them tick and how they think and how they feel."

And as for the worst parenting advice she hears? It's the line about, "You turned out alright!" She hears that and thinks, "But, so I didn't die basically? There were no seat belts [in previous generations], there were no car seats. Thank god nothing happened, but we're not [tempting] fate! I hate that one—it's annoying."

Alesandra Dubin is a new twin mom. She's also a Los Angeles-based writer and the founder of lifestyle blog Homebody in Motion. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter.

Photo: Getty Images for Target

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