Her latest Instagram shots show she's not about to be taken down by the haters.

By Lisa Milbrand

Jenna Dewan Tatum got an earful from Internet's crankiest judges when she posted a sexy shot of her in Paris earlier this year. But clearly, this mama isn't about to be shamed by a few random posters. She just posted another sexy shot of her in a similar bodysuit—but rocking a killer pair of boots that, apparently, J. Lo gifted her.

And I'm behind her 100 percent. Being a mom these days is so tough, but it shouldn't require giving up everything about yourself. After all, she's still an accomplished dancer, an actress, and a partner—and being a mama is just one (admittedly, very important) part of her life. I don't know about you, but I'm getting pretty tired of the mom shamers out there trying to make people feel bad about having a life beyond their kids.

I was glad to see that most of the commenters were positive, but there were still quite a few complaints, including one fellow mom who said simply, "You look slutty. Just sayin." Nice.

I know it's been said about 100 times before, but can we all just mind our own business and stop criticizing how our fellow moms are getting the job done? And let's give kudos to Dewan for not bowing to the criticism, and being brave enough to continue to show off her real life in this shot—messy closet, sexy bod and all.