Jaw-Dropping New Video Proves All Disney-Pixar Movies Are Connected

Behold, all of the Pixar "Easter eggs" you've never noticed before.

It's well-known that Disney animated films are interconnected. One recent example appears in the new movie Moana, during which the shape-shifting character Maui briefly morphs into Sven from Frozen.

Now a new video posted to Toy Story's Facebook page shares how all Disney-Pixar films are interconnected. These so-called Easter eggs, or inside jokes, are hidden in the most ingenious ways ever, in the backgrounds of the movies. If you are a huge fan of Pixar, you may have noticed some connections, but there's no way you saw them all.

I couldn't believe how a tapestry from the movie Merida appears in Cars.

Toy Story/Facebook

Another moment that left me open-mouthed is when the video reveals Toy Story's villain Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear is a toy in the room of a child in the movie Up.

Toy Story/Facebook

You have to watch the video yourself to see all the Easter eggs. But can you believe all 17 Pixar films from Wall-E to The Incredibles to Finding Dory are all interconnected?

Toy Story/Facebook

Even Monsters, Inc. and Finding Nemo are connected! I don't know about you, but for me, the world just got a lot more awesome. I also feel like I'm not nearly as much of an expert on all things Disney, as I'd previously regarded myself. That sentiment was echoed by a commenter to the video, who said, "When you question your entire identity as a die hard Pixar fan."

How many of these moments did you already know about?

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