Both boys and girls can wear every piece in Jaime King's new clothing line for kids.


Actress and mom of two Jaime King is launching a clothing line for kids. Yeah, yeah, doesn't every celebrity parent start a clothing line? Maybe, but not like this one: It's gender fluid, meaning either girls or boys can wear every piece in the collection.

King took to Instagram to introduce the groundbreaking line to her fans, writing, "VERY excited to announce in a few weeks we release my new children's line with my dear, dear friend Kristin (Nystrom) called Jaime King X Gardner and the Gang. We have worked for a year on this- creating a collection that is gender-fluid, with message the importance of every child's self worth, happiness, and the joy of that love being shared with all."

The star went on to describe the brand in further detail, saying it's organic, has an "insane" color palette, and features "super rad and fun prints that take baby/children's fashion to the next level."

Here's an example of an outfit from the line.

jaime king gender neutral clothing
Credit: Jaime King/Instagram

King, who has two sons, James Knight, 2, and Leo Thames, 10 months, told People magazine about her inspiration for meeting what she saw as a need in the clothing options available for kids. "We have set limitations upon our children and babies, whether that be consciously or subconsciously. Somewhere along the line of 'dos and don'ts,' we relegated children into little boxes that are so restrictive." She adds, "Somehow, the world decided that boys belong in blue and girls belong in pink and anything other than that is weird or strange and in some ways frowned upon—as if allowing a boy to wear purple or hot pink is steering them in the wrong direction."

Those stereotypes are blasted away in her line, which offers dress shapes for boys or girls. King shared how she and Nystrom came up with the fun prints on much of The Lion's Heart collection, telling People, "When I see my child at the playground holding hands and playing with another boy—regardless of age, race, situation, or circumstance—all I see from him is loving, and the powerful and effortless ability to connect. So that's where we came up with the idea to take animals that you'd typically not see in the animal kingdom getting along, sharing a milkshake. Because that's what our kids do."

jaime king gender neutral clothes campaign photo
Credit: Jaime King/Instagram

The line, which ranges in price from about $40 to $150, and is available for children ages nine months through 8 years, will also include a few items for moms and dads to sport and look as chic as their kiddos. You can see the full collection on the brand's website, where I browsed for a bit and found several items I would purchase for my three daughters. It's a cool concept, and the best thing about it is you automatically have hand-me-downs for any gender!

What do you think of gender-fluid clothes for kids?

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