Jennifer Lopez is one busy mama, but her twins put everything into perspective, she says.

jennifer lopez and twins Instagram photo
Credit: Jlo/Instagram

Jennifer Lopez sat down with Natalie Morales on The Today Show Monday morning to promote her new TV series Shades of Blue and to chat about her upcoming role as a Vegas headliner in the show "All I Have: Jennifer Lopez," which debuts later this month.

"I named it 'All I Have' not only because I have a song called 'All I Have,'" Lopez said, "But because I feel like that really embodies who I am...that I really give all I have to all I do."

And that includes being a mom to her adorable 7-year-old twins Max and Emme, who Lopez occasionally feature on her Instagram feed.

Check out this beautiful image she posted last week that shows her dancing with daughter Emme, which she titled "Me and my mini me."

jennifer lopez and daughter emme dancing
Credit: Jlo/Instagram

And of course, her "lil man" got in on the action, too:

Jennifer Lopez and son Max dancing, Instagram photo
Credit: Jlo/Instagram


"They just made my life better, number one," Lopez told Morales about having the twins. "I think they just change your perspective on the whole entire world, you know, and how you look at life."

It was a shift that came as a surprise to the performer. "That was a big epiphany for me, " Lopez said. "Having children.... They just made everything better. They helped me grow as a human being."

And at 46, she's not done yet. "Don't write us off at a certain point in our lives," she told Morales of being a performer at the age of 40-plus. "We have so much to offer."

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