It's #NationalWatermelonDay—Have You Posted a #BabyMeloning Photo Yet?

Dressing your kids in watermelon is apparently the hottest trend of Summer '17. And since today's National Watermelon Day—well, you know what to do.

Jennifer Grey may have carried one to hilariously embarrassing effect in the movie Dirty Dancing, but now—thanks in no small part to social media—the watermelon is currently experiencing viral cult status online. Plug the word in on Instagram, for example, and you'll be treated to hundreds of colorful photo squares filled with things like watermelon-themed pool floats and makeup looks; watermelon tap kits, and boozy bright pink popsicles.

And since today happens to be #NationalWatermelonDay—which I swear is not a thing I just made up—we couldn't let it pass without giving a shout out to some of the best parenting-related posts featuring the refreshing summertime staple.

For starters, we are LOVING the way parents are celebrating the holiday by posting pics of their kids fake-rocking outfits made out of melon.

Like this one:

And this one:

And this one:

So fun! Although, this little guy didn't seem to think so:

Apparently, the whole #babymeloning thing has been a trend since late spring, with parents co-opting slices of the fruit and turning them into pieces of juicy couture for their mini me's via some strategically-placed bites.

The 'Merica melon:

And the look one mama dubbed "sleeveless and seedless":

I think she may actually be onto something there, since overalls are currently making a major comeback!

And speaking of mamas... we are LOVING this super-cute photo on the Instagram of inspirepregnancy, in which a new mom and dad pose with a couple of watermelons for an adorably creative before and after pregnancy pic:

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Just like Jennifer Grey, this glowing mom-to-be carried a watermelon—except she did it for 9 months. Which just begs the question—why isn't there a national holiday for THAT?

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