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It's International Drop a Rock Day!

People all around the world have been painting inspirational messages on rocks for others to find. Here's how to get in on the action with your kids. 

Today is International Drop a Rock Day, in case you've been living under a...well, you know.

For the uninitiated, Drop a Rock Day involves painting rocks with inspirational messages—this year's key word is "Peace"—and then hiding them all over the world for others to find as a way to promote positivity and love, and unexpectedly brighten someone's day.

Pretty cool, right? It's like one big, worldwide scavenger hunt! We can't think of a better way to get the kids outside and off their screens this summer, can you?

The idea is based off The Kindness Rocks Project, which was created by Women's Empowerment Coach Megan Murphy in order to spread love through the inspirational painted rocks she randomly started dropping while walking around Cape Cod.


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"It started as a hobby...painting and dropping a few rocks at a time, when something amazing happened," she explained on The Kindness Rocks website. "I began receiving messages from strangers about how much the rock they found meant to them."

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"So I stepped up my rock painting and added social media, a website and encouraged others to join me," she continued. "This hobby has now turned into a movement."

Tonight's feature: "I first heard of the Kindness Rock Project when my Dad's wife posted about finding a rock outside a store in Florida. I asked her about it and she explained it a little bit, but she was new to it also, so she didn't know much. I looked at the Florida page that she mentioned and saw the basic idea, and thought it was pretty creative, so I told my wife about it. We thought it was a GREAT way to bring our community together and get kids away from their technology. After looking for a local group and finding nothing, we decided to start a group in our area. She painted dozens of rocks and I advertised it, creating the group and inviting all of our friends. It's now at over 900 members and still growing every day. Our town is even holding a Rock painting event at our annual Waterfront festival this year.. and they have asked us to be in the parade. It has brought so many people together and we are so happy to see how far it has come. I am from Tiverton, RI and my wife, Robyn, is from Fall River, MA. Even though the are different states, they border one another and they are so close that we decided to integrate the two into one group. We have had many people ask if they can hide rocks in surrounding areas also, and we love to see people participating. It has grown so much, so quickly, and we couldn't be more pleased to see all the smiling faces and positivity that this project has created. We wanted to share it all with you, in hopes that the positive messages, happiness and inspiration that it has brought us, can be projected even further to someone else. Here is a link to our group and I've attached some pictures also. Thank you for everything that you do." Becky Bouchard #R.I./Tivertonkindnessrocks #thekindnessrocksproject

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"If one person finds a rock with a message that speaks to them during a difficult time, our efforts have made a difference!"

Tonight's feature: Patti Nicole Mann How Did You Hear About The Kindness Rocks Project? * FACEBOOK * Where? Did you find a rock (Location) * A Wellness complex in pocatello Idaho * What inspired you to contact/join TKRP? * Thought i check it out and see what it was all about! * What was your initial reaction or impression when you stumbled upon the rock? * I had just found out my dad had died that following Monday. My mother in law decided to get me out the house to spend time with my kids. We decided to go to the wellness complex in pocatello idaho and go swimming. We placed our things on the beach and I went walking up a path i looked down and there it was, a kindness rock! * What did the rock have written on it? * It was a picture of the beach with 10 flip flops painted on I decided to keep it because it reminded me of a vaction that my family took to the beach and reminded me of my dad❤️ * Any other thoughts, emotions comments, stories… * I also love the joy when my kids find a rock it brightens up their day & I love seeing them happy and excited #thekindnessrocksproject

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So amazing. Murphy says the goal now is to encourage others to find cool creative ways to reach out and brighten someones day unexpectedly whether it be through kindness rocks, love notes, or random acts of generosity.

Tonight's Feature: "I found #thekindnessrocksproject on Instagram through @saynplaycolumbus' #saynplaythesummeraway challenge #3: Join the Kindness Rocks Project. This project is something that I think is so valuable for the whole community and definitely something that I want to teach my young girls, so I decided we would join the challenge this weekend. First we found some rocks in our yard and scubbed all the dirt off of them. After they had dried, we painted them all of our favorite colors. My three-year-old helped come up with the encouragements -- I asked her questions like, "What do you say to your sister when she's sad?" and "What can you say to make someone happy?" Then I painted on the words. We are excited to find places in our community to leave the rocks so that someone's day can be brightened!" Angela Chang MOMtessoriLife.com

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"One message at just the right moment can change your entire day...outlook...life!" she explained.

And may the current be with you always 🌊 #thekindnessrocksproject

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She's so right! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start dropping!

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