Isaiah Thomas' Adorable Son Is the Real Playoff MVP

His dad may have put up 53 points in the Celtics' last game against the Wizards, but all eyes are on the adorable Jaiden Thomas and his antics.

Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas may have dropped an epic career-high 53 points in Tuesday night's Game 2 overtime victory over the Washington Wizards, but it turns out his son Jaiden was the real MVP.

First, the little guy proudly strutted out like a BA in a hoodie and shades in front of his dad on the way into the arena:

I mean, just check out that swag!

Next, he got suited up in a Celtics jersey and headed onto the court for a little father-son dribbling practice:

Too cute! And then later, Jaiden brought his A-game to a pre-playoff press conference, swiftly shutting down a "pesky reporter" who may or may not have actually been his father (OK it was) when he asked the pint-sized baller how he planned to contain Wizards point guard John Wall.

"How do you guard John Wall?" Papa Thomas asked his son.

"I just work hard [at] guarding at my house every day, and I start to guard John Wall every day," an unfazed Jaiden replied.

"He's really fast, so what do you gotta do to stop him?" Isaiah pressed.

"Get fast shoes and I will catch him," Jaiden countered. "I will block his dunk."

Like duh, dad! Who cares that there wasn't actually anybody in the audience to hear Jaiden's brilliant answer? You should still never underestimate the importance of fast shoes!

Better get on it, IT!

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