Free streaming app Popcornflix recently added some classic kids programs to its lineup that parents will remember from their own childhoods.

By Ellen Sturm Niz

While we all know TV may rot our kids' brains and lead to a life of couchpotato-ness, the truth is it can also be pretty awesome. There are great educational shows like Sesame StreetCyberchase, and WordGirl, and just-for-fun cartoons like Phineas and Ferb and The Powerpuff Girls. Sure, you shouldn't yell, "Go watch TV!" like Betty Draper every time you don't want to deal with your kid, but it can entertain them for a bit when you need to get something done or be a fun time snuggling up together to watch.

Some of my favorite shows to watch with my 9-year-old daughter have been reruns of programs that were on when I was a kid. It's nostalgic and a kick for me to see her enjoying the same cartoons I did when I was her age, like Garfield and The Smurfs, so I was stoked to see that free streaming app Popcornflix just added some of my classic favorites to its lineup, including Strawberry Shortcake and Inspector Gadget, as well as Sonic the Hedgehog and The Adventures of Sonic the HedgehogThe Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3The Legend of ZeldaThe Adventures of Paddington BearHorseland, and UMIGO.


Come on, sing it with me, "Duh-dah duh-dah duh duh, Inspector Gadget!" I know Inspector Gadget is not technically educational, but I always thought it was sort of pro-science and invention, right? Yes, his bionic gadgets break all the time, but they are pretty creative. It's definitely pro-women as his niece Penny is the truly smart one who solves all the cases. In any case, it's an entertaining show that I am looking forward to cuddling on the couch to watch with my daughter. I can't wait to see what inventions it inspires her to create or spy mysteries she pretends to solve!

Ellen Sturm Niz is a New York City-based editor and writer who wishes she would find a bear from darkest Peru at a train station. Check out Ellen's new Etsy shop and follow her on Twitter and Pinterest.



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