In Honor of Their Daughter's Birthday, These Parents Are Working to Cure Sanfilippo Syndrome

After being diagnosed with the disease that's been called "childhood Alzheimer's," Eliza O'Neill's parents are working toward a cure.

Photo: Ruth Black/shutterstock

A little girl named Eliza O'Neill has been making headlines since 2014 when she was diagnosed with Sanfilippo Syndrome. The disease affects the brain in a way that it's been likened to “childhood Alzheimer’s," heart-wrenchingly robbing a child of their memory and language. That year, Eliza's family created a GoFundMe for the non-profit they created, Cure Sanfilippo Foundation, to cure the disease and support children like Eliza. The effort resulted in raising an amazing $2 million that made it possible for Eliza and six other children to participate in a clinical trial.

Now, in honor of Eliza's 8th birthday tomorrow, Thursday, November 16, her family has set a new goal. The O'Neills aim to raise $100k for urgent research that will lead to clinical trials for more children, including enzyme replacement, gene therapy, and mesenchymal stem cell to repair the brain.

This video offers a heartwarming glimpse at Eliza's backstory, as told by her parents and brother.

O'Neills' story will surely spread awareness and support research for Sanfillippo Syndrome, hopefully leading to amazing medical support for Eliza and other children battling the disease.

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