If You Are So Ready for Your Kids to Go Back to School, Watch This Parody

The Holderness family nails how just about every parent feels about back-to-school time!

Did the Holderness family secretly peek into my house and see that my kids are making me crazy as summer draws to an end? Because the hilarious family's new DMX song parody, "Lose My Mind," is basically my life. Like my kids, theirs are fighting over every little thing, and in the process, driving their parents to drink.

Dad Penn and mom Kim perfectly convey how ready we all are for our kids to go back to school in their latest video. As in, they will gladly drag their son and daughter to the front steps of the school building, and run.

Hey, summer started out being fun; no parent would deny that. But we've all had enough of dragging everything we own to the pool.

lose my mind

Yes, fast-forward two months after the last day of school, and I. Can't. Take. It. Any. Longer!!! It seems the Holdernesses are right there with me. Their kids are complaining about being bored (sounds familiar) and pretending not to know anything about the summer reading list at the bottom of their backpack.

Look, there comes a time when you've had enough togetherness, and it seriously crosses your mind that it would be a good idea to just drop your kids off at school now, before it officially starts. I mean, that way at least they can get acquainted with their new classroom. Don't say you haven't considered this!

Thank you to the Holderness family for always keeping it real.

Are you sooo ready for your kids to go back to school?

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