The singer and champion of reading generously donated 1,000 books each to 25 NYC schools.

By Hollee Actman Becker
C Flanigan/Getty Images

"Books train your imagination to think big," said singer/songwriter Taylor Swift in the anti-bullying video she released in collaboration with Scholastic last year. Now the pop star is putting her money where her mouth is by donating 25,000 books to New York City schools.

Welcome to New York, T. Swizzle. We've been waiting for you!

Swift's amazing donation is part of Scholastic's Open a World of Possible reading campaign, a program that will provide books to 25 New York City schools in an effort to get kids, especially lower-income ones, to read outside of school.

"Children ages 6 to 17 from lower-income households are more likely to read books for fun in school and far less likely to read books outside of school than their higher-income peers," according to a report from Scholastic.

This is not the first time T. Swift has emerged to champion children's literacy. The singer has already produced a reading-themed webcast for Scholastic that's been shown in classrooms and viewed by 4.5 million students. And last year Scholastic sponsored a writing contest based on Swift's song "Shake It Off," in which kids were asked to write an essay or poem about how they "shake it off."

"Scholastic is honored to join with Taylor Swift who continues to show a passion for literacy and a commitment to spreading the message of how influential books can be in a child's life," said Greg Worrell, president of Scholastic Education.

Swift is also starting a book club with fans as part of the program, which leaves us with just one question: How can we get in on that?!

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