A heartwarming story in the middle of all the Hurricane Harvey chaos.

By Hollee Actman Becker
August 31, 2017

A glimmer of good news coming out of all the tragedy surrounding Hurricane Harvey: Houston mom Dajauh Zahne Henix was reunited with her 8-month-old daughter Paige, thanks to the help of one courageous officer.

Henix was crying and scared as she attempted to escape her mother's home in east Houston while walking in neck-deep floodwaters and holding baby Paige above her head.

At the same time, Corporal Reed Clark was piloting a personal watercraft and heard people screaming, "Baby!"

"She was holding the baby up and then the water would come up and you could see her neck and her head come under the water," he explained to NBC 9 News. "She was trying to get to higher ground."

So, Clark swooped in and scooped up Paige, telling Henix she'd be in a black truck at the front of the road. But when the brave mama eventually got to the front, she couldn't find her little girl and ended up in a shelter without her.

I can't even begin to imagine what it must have felt like for Henix to be separated from her baby during such a horrific time. And not surprisingly, as the hours passed, she became more and more panicked. So she turned to Facebook for help, right about the time Clark was posting a picture of himself holding her little girl.

Pretty amazing! Soon after, Henix and Paige were reunited. And now Clark is planning to buy Henix dinner.

"She is the perfect example of a great mother," he said. "She didn't say help me one bit. She handed her baby over and said, 'Help my baby, get my baby out of here.'"

Heroes, both of them.

The victims of Hurricane Harvey need all the help we can give them. If you'd like to pitch in, please click here.

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