The Bad Moms star realized she and husband Ashton Kutcher were putting way too much pressure on themselves around the holiday.

By Maressa Brown
July 02, 2017

Mila Kunis has an important message for millennial moms who are freaked out that they're not doing nearly enough Pinterest-y projects to make sure their L.O.s have a memorable time on any given holiday. The actress, who's currently promoting Bad Moms' follow-up flick A Bad Moms Christmas, recently talked about what she and husband Ashton Kutcher did to try to impress their 2-year-old daughter Wyatt on Christmas morning.

"For both of us, the idea of making Christmas morning magical is an odd pressure we put on ourselves," she explained, according to USA Today. "We did it for our two-year-old who did not give a (expletive), let me tell you, whatsoevever. ... The idea of saying that there’s a chunky man that comes through the fireplace, a stranger appears in our house and drops off some gifts and then eats some of your cookies, she was like screaming. There’s nothing magical about it. It was like, 'Why was there Santa in my house?' So, that was a fail."

Kunis shared that she and Ashton, with whom she also shares newborn son Dimitri, had attempted to make it look like the jolly old man had tracked snow into the house. "You put a little flour on boots and you walk around the living room," she said. "And it looks like Santa Claus' footprints with snow on it. She didn’t care, didn’t understand. And then I was cleaning up flour, and I was like 'This blows.' My kid didn’t even care about the flour footprints. The whole thing is a disaster. Disaster."

Given how that all played out, Kunis has vowed to chill out a bit during this coming holiday season. What's more, she figured out that Wyatt's more than satisfied with a yummy breakfast. "You know what my kid loves? Any excuse to have pancakes," the 33-year-old actress noted. "I don’t need to make it magical, I just need to make some pancakes. And she’s happy." Love it! Preach, mama!