Mom's celebrating like it's their first day!

catching up on game of thrones when kids are in school

It's that time of year for most families. When the kiddos get back on the school bus, and us parents breathe a deep sigh of relief. We made it through the summer!

The Holderness family is out with a new video about the relief/joy/excitement that parents feel when their kids go back to school. "In the Tub," a parody of 50 Cent's "In the Club," shows us what mom Kim Holderness has planned when her two children finally get out of her hair for more than a hot second after months of having them home.

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Basically she's all-out partying just like it's her kids's "first day" (not birthday).

in da tub

During her six full hours of free time, you can obvi find her in the tub. With lots of bubbles. And Bacardi.

partying like it's the first day of school

And eating chips in a bath robe. And maybe even by spending a few extra minutes on her "throne" A.K.A. the toilet, since no one is banging on the bathroom door, begging to come in. She may even be able to catch up on Game of Thrones. But probably not. It's only six hours a day that the kiddos are in school.

"You can go outside without abandoning your kids," raps dad Penn at one point in the song, as we see Kim going out for a loooooong run. Yo go mama!

My favorite line about the pros of when kids go back to school: "The house will stay clean for more than half an hour." I mean, the struggle to see the floor is real when all three of mine are home, spreading their toys throughout every square inch of our house.

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While I totally relate to this video, I'll admit I'm a little sad my kids are heading back to school. It's been nice having them home, and I'm not looking forward to being in a quiet house every day. Sniff. Seems I'm not alone, as Kim told, "I do get a little emotional on the first day of school. We love being around our kids—but I think it's safe to say we all need to see other people."

What's your take?

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