The Holderness Family's newest video pokes fun at their own "coptering" behavior in a parody of LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem."

By Ellen Sturm Niz
September 04, 2015
Holderness Family "Copter Mommy" Parody Video
Credit: YouTube

Are you a helicopter parent? Are you capable of seeing the humor in your hovering behavior? Or do you shake your head in disbelief at helicopter parents? Then you'll love the newest video from The Holderness Family.

Set to LMFAO's infectious "Party Rock Anthem," the song parody is called "Copter Mommy" and features moms hovering over their little ones at the park, slathering them with sunscreen and hand sanitizer, spotting them on the moneky bars, and wrapping them in bubble wrap. The reworked lyrics sing, "Copter mommy in the house tonight, gotta make sure that everything's right. ... Always hovering up above, it's their type of motherly love."

Not to be left out, Copter Daddy gets his place in the video as well, shadowing his kids as they run bases, unnecessarily helping them swing a bat, and being overly involved in all their sporting moments. His lyrics proclaim, "Copter daddy in the house for sho', always telling them where they should go. ... I'm gonna interrupt the coach. I know it's annoying."

At the beginning of the video, the kids hide out under the slide trying to escape their 'copter parents, with one girl saying, "Shhhh. Every day they're hovering." I imagine that's how many kids of helicopter parenting really do feel, like, "Hey, mom and dad, leave us alone! You're acting crazy!" Watch the whole video here:

I definitely skewed toward the 'copter side of parenting when my daughter was a toddler and even up until kindergarten, but now that she's almost nine I'm pretty free-range. At the playground I rarely know exactly where she is, just that she's off with her gaggle of friends having a good time. It's much more fun for both of us.

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