Bottom line: It happens. Moms gotta deal.

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Like the book says, Everybody Poops. And apparently once you become a parent, everybody talks about it, too.

Just ask our favorite funny mom-vloggers, Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley of IMomSoHard. In a new Facebook video, the dynamic duo get real about all things potty-related—from dealing with vacation constipation, to the fact that Hensley always has to go the minute she walks into a Target. Because as these mamas cheekily (no pun intended) explain in the caption, "*It* happens. Moms gotta deal."

"Before you have kids, you don't want to talk about poop," Hensley explains. "It doesn't feel cool to talk about poop. And then literally right after you have kids, it becomes the only thing you talk about. You forgot that you ever thought there was anything taboo to begin with."

So true! And it's not just the fact that all convos now lead back to how and when and if your kid has pooped. It's the fact that you now have to learn how to multitask while perched on the loo yourself.

"As a mom," Smedley explains, "I have sat on the toilet while pooping and I've had to fix a toy. I've had to get a straw into a juice box, I've had to assemble train track."

Same. Just more proof that moms are total superheroes, amiright?

Oh, and if you don't already know what "shame pooping" is, watch the whole hilarious clip to find out. The facial expressions alone are worth it, I swear.

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