By Ellen Sturm Niz

Ever since the days of "Veronica Mars" I've known Kristen Bell was awesome, but she continues to impress me. With her commitment to not get married until everyone had the right to her campaign against paparazzi photos of celebrities' kids to her cute commericals with husband Dax Shepard, the mom of Lincoln and Delta Bell is a lady I would invite to a playdate any day of the week.

Her latest act once again proves how awesome she is. When Bell heard that 6-year-old "Frozen" fan Avery Huffman is battling an inoperable brain tumor, the actress left her a voice mail message as Princess Anna, calling the girl and her pet bunny by name and even naming her an honorary princess of Arendelle!

"Avery, my sister Elsa said that she's heard that you've been such a good girl and you've been so brave she has decided to crown you as an honorary princess of Arendelle," Bell said in the message. "I think you'll be a great princess!"

Avery's parents recorded a video of their daughter listening to the message, which they posted on her CaringBridge page to share with the people who are supporting their daughter as she battles cancer. Since then the message has exploded. "Seeing it go viral and so many people sharing the same emotions I have when I watch it, I'm constantly reminded that while Avery is going through the worst possible fight anyone should have to," her dad wrote, "she's touching so many people's hearts and her fight and toughness is reaching so many people."

Avery and Kristen, you both rock! We're rooting for you to get better soon, Avery!

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