If we had a dime for every time our kids told us they needed something for class the night before, I wouldn't have to be counting my dimes.

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I have no idea how many times my kids have told me they needed a piece of posterboard for a school project the night before it was due, but it was enough that I now keep a closet stocked with the stuff in my basement. Only took me about 12 years to figure this out, but it's a pretty good parenting hack so you might want to try it.

Just ask Houston mom blogger Rachael Pavlik, whose 11-year-old daughter Camille informed her at 9 p.m. last week that she needed a piece of white posterboard for her art class the next day. Because of course she did. So the dedicated mama did what any of us would do—she hopped into her car for a late-night run to CVS.

"Yay me. Hero. I'm the best," Pavlik wrote in a post on Facebook the next morning after her daughter had left for the bus stop, posterboard secured with a rubber band and firmly in hand. "I'm going to go on a walk today. Beautiful day feeling good. Stretch. I'm walking. Turn the corner where the bus stop is... Bus came. Kids are gone. Everyone gone. Except this:

This. HER G@#%!?#% POSTER BOARD."

BAHAHAHAHA. This is totally something one of my kids would do. And while I would have undoubtedly gone into sucker mode and saved the day by delivering the poor piece of forgotten posterboard to my kid at school, Pavlik took a different, more bada$$ approach.

"I am NOT delivering it to the school," she explained in a follow-up FB comment. "F@#$ that." Instead, the fearless mama decided to embrace the debacle for the teachable moment that it was, and use it to school her kid in a little thing called responsibility. And we should all just stop for a second and BOW DOWN because you KNOW that sucker made it safely to art class the next day.

Her daughter's lunch, however, was another story.

"Y'ALL, TODAY SHE FORGOT HER LUNCH. YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS SHIT UP," Pavlik wrote in another post. "And no, I didn't bring that, either. It's cafeteria sloppy joe city for her. Womp womp."

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