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Harry the Bunny Wants Your Kids to Eat More Veggies!

Kids enjoying veggies
If you haven't already heard, Parents is on a mission to get children to eat more vegetables. Our three-month Veggie Challenge series was launched to encourage kids to love their greens—and help parents learn how to do just that! We hope that through fun tips and fresh ideas—like cutting veggies into fun shapes—your kid will be ready to try something new.

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The team at BabyFirst also recognizes just how important it is to get kids excited about eating healthy, and that's why BabyFirst teamed up with the American Heart Association to launch a new app available at no cost for iOS devices.

The app, called Harry's Healthy Garden, is targeted toward children between the ages of 2 and 4 to inspire kids to try healthy foods while simultaneously teaching them where fruits and veggies actually come from (because it's not the local grocery store!). And Harry's Healthy Garden is not just for kids! While kids plant and harvest the virtual garden they've created, parents can log on to access recipes that use each food the app features.

Ready to make Harry the bunny a part of your toddler's screen-time? Download the app here.


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