Two new books that dive into the history of Harry Potter's world will be released in October, written by the British Library's curatorial team.

By Melissa Willets
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Calling all Harry Potter fans (but who isn't one?)! Grab your yellow-and-red-striped scarves and get ready, because two new Harry Potter books are set to be released this fall, according to The New York Times.

One caveat to this magical news: The tomes were not penned by the series' original author, J.K. Rowling. Say what? I'll explain.

The British Library's curatorial team has written the two books, with the full support of Rowling, of course. Their titles: Harry Potter — A Journey Through the History of Magic and Harry Potter — A History of Magic. The much-anticipated volumes will allow readers a peek inside the curriculum at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Potter's wizardry school, including Herbology, Astronomy, and Care of Magical Creatures, according to Reuters. The collection is also going to focus on all things mystical and intriguing, from unicorns to ancient witchcraft. Reuters also reports that the books will feature J.K. Rowling's unseen sketches and manuscript pages.

Is your spine tingling like mine is?

The books are part of an exhibition at the library that honors the 20th anniversary (already?) of the first "Harry Potter" book. Should you happen to be in the U.K. in October through February 2018, you can catch the action in person. If not, be sure to pick up the books when they are available this October.

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