By Ellen Sturm Niz
April 22, 2015
pandora ad

If you haven't seen Pandora Jewelry's new Mother's Day ad, watch it now—alone with a box of tissues. The company asked a group of kids, ages three to nine, and their mothers to participate in a simple experiment which they filmed and turned into a video called "The Unique Connection." Each child is blindfolded and guided towards the group of mothers, who silently trade places after the kid's eyes are covered, and asked to find his or her own mom. The kiddos touch hands, caress faces, stroke hair, rub noses, and give a sniff of each of the women they come to until they eventually connect with their own mommy.

It is spectacularly moving and sweet. The music, "Staircase" by Dan Leigh, is a perfect accompaniment as the kids tentatively explore the women's shirts, fingers, and skin with their tiny fingers while the moms wait expectantly. Even the way the "wrong" moms react so patiently and lovingly when being explored by the children is heartwarming. I could literally watch it over and over and over again. And "Staircase" is going into my music rotation right now.

Yes, it's an ad—all the moms appear to be wearing Pandora Jewelry—but it's a great one. I admit I went and checked out Pandora's ring selection after seeing it. I may even ask for one for Mother's Day. But the commercial part of it does not overshadow the beauty of the message in the video. Kids have a unique connection with their moms—and dads—and watching that connection be made is pretty miraculous.

Ellen Sturm Niz is a New York City-based editor and writer who wishes you a happy Earth Day. Reuse. Reduce. Recycle. Follow her on Twitter and Pinterest.


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