Get Your Fix Now! Disney Plans to Pull Content from Netflix

Calling all Disney fans. Start binge-watching your favorite shows and movies on Netflix in 4,3,2,1...

Disney's planning to offer its own streaming service—and as a result, it's made the decision to pull its content from Netflix. It's okay; you can sob softly. We're pretty sad, too.

Disney to part ways with Netflix, launching new service

But, deep breath mouse lovers. According to CNN Money, the company won't end its partnership with Netflix until 2019. So there's still time to binge watch all your fav movies with the kiddos. Or, park them in front of a flick so you can go to the bathroom and make dinner. Indeed, existing movies from both Disney and Pixar will remain on Netflix until the current deals are as kaput as 99 percent of villains by the end of the movies that made them famous.

The decision to launch a specific branded streaming service comes at a time when consumers are watching media in new ways, and the house Walt built hopes to connect directly with its viewers, and obvi, track their habits. Once the new service becomes available, it will be the only way we Disney lovers can view the films can't wait to see, like Toy Story 4, and the highly anticipated sequel to Frozen. Content from the brand's many channels will also be streamed via this new service.

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No word on how much the service will cost, but one thing is for sure: I'll probably pay for it no matter what. That's the thing about all things mouse, princess and Pixar. It's just too good, no matter how much it sets you back. How else can you explain all the merchandise that has my house splitting at the seams, or our decision to spend almost all of our vaca time at Disney World?

What's your take?

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