The star explains why she doesn't let toddlers being toddlers embarrass her or make her feel ashamed.
Kristen Bell Like a Mother
Credit: Kristen Annie Bell/Instagram

Um, Kristen Bell just kind of rocked my world with her take on toddler tantrums.

In a recent interview with Babble, the mom-of-two was asked how she feels when her daughters, Lincoln, age 3, and Delta, age 2...oh, I don't know...throw themselves on the floor in public, and scream, kick, and cry with such force that it's clear nothing except a visit from Big Bird himself is going to calm them down.

Her answer is revolutionary. So get ready.

"If my child is acting a fool in the grocery store, the embarrassment is on her. In truth, that shouldn't make me feel a certain way," the star said.

Told you.

Bell added, "She's going to act the way a child acts, and I'm not going to let that reflect on me or bring me down. That shouldn't make me feel ashamed or embarrassed in any way. Only you can make you feel a certain way."

Please hold on while I get down on my hands and knees and worship Kristen Bell. Because I honestly never thought about my kids' behavior, at any stage, in this way. Instead, like many parents, I've worried that a tantrum or talking back or refusing to listen reflects poorly on me.

But as Bell point out in the case of tantrums, toddlers are kind of famous for throwing them. It's not like I'm a bad mom if my child is no exception. Huh.

So if my child loses control, my approach moving forward is to remain calm, and do my best to guide my child to join me there. But there is no reason for me to feel shame or fall into a downward spiral or self-doubt and hatred. That would be letting the situation get the best of me, something Bell has realized is both unnecessary and self-defeating.

I'm so glad she shared her way of thinking about tantrums. I'm a changed mom, as I'm sure many other readers will be too.

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