The nearly 150-year-old brand has some words of wisdom for parents facing kids who don't have ketchup come mealtime. 

Heinz Ketchup
Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images

At one time or another, every parent has experienced—or will one day experience—that pull-your-hair-out moment when they're confronting a kid who absolutely refuses to eat the dinner they've lovingly prepared for them. And it's quite possible that the reason for that stand-off is the fact that there's no more ketchup. After all, chicken fingers go hand-in-hand with the condiment. If anyone knows how to handle a situation like this one, it's Heinz, which just debuted a funny new commercial inspired by "dinnertime negotiations."

Featuring a retired NYPD Crisis Negotiator, the clip amusingly illustrates exactly how parents might try to appeal to a kid aggravated by a ketchup shortage. Alongside the clip, the brand wrote, "You could try these negotiating tactics at dinnertime. Or, just stock up on ketchup."

Commenters could relate all too well. "My grandkids eat ketchup with EVERYTHING so we buy 6 large ketchups a month and still run out," one wrote.

And that's why the brand is offering a BOGO deal—buy one bottle of Heinz, get the second one free—for a limited time. For details, visit