It isn't just the kids who need to show kindness to one another this school year, as two moms' viral post reminds us.

As our kids head back to school, we are thinking about how they'll fit in in a new classroom, perhaps at a new school even. Will they make friends on the bus? Will other children be nice to them, and vice versa?

But as two moms remind us in their viral Instagram post, kindness and inclusion starts at home, with us.

Cat Belknap, who is a mom-of-three and Nat Telfer, a mom-of-four, and who are known as Cat & Nat on social media, recently posted a meme about how we should care more about our kiddos sitting with the lonely kid in the cafeteria than their academic success. Great message, but it is their caption to the meme that is getting the most attention.

"But remember it starts with us- To all the moms who are seasoned at dropping kids off and navigating the playground, remember there is whole bunch of new moms who don't have a clue," the post reads. "They'll walk in almost as nervous as their kids, they'll look around and see that almost everyone knows each other. They won't know the protocols of how it all works, they'll be looking around, unsure," Cat and Nat continue.

They finish their post by reminding moms "to smile, say hi, introduce yourself," and help the newbies. "Because we can preach out the wazoo to our children about every single nicety but showing them in real time is way more impactful."

It's a timely reminder that it isn't just kids who need to play nice. Living in a VERY small town, I can tell you that even if you aren't a new mom at a new school, it can be hard to feel included when everyone already seems to know everyone. And even if the new school year isn't your first time at the rodeo, each year brings new challenges and situations you haven't been in before. So if you have an older child who has been in a certain school or grade before, it's always nice to show other moms kindness and share advice!

Telfer told about being the new mom, "You really have no idea what you are doing and it feels like everyone knows better and is doing a better job than you." I think we've all had that feeling, even though it's not true. Because no one is perfect!

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Telfer adds that a quick smile or nice comment can lift another mom's spirits and turn her day around. So let's all try!

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger/mom. Find her on Facebook and Instagram where she chronicles her life momming under the influence. Of yoga.