Fun Earth Day Crafts for Kids

Ahead of Earth Day, which turns 45 this year on Wednesday, April 22, environmentally-conscious staffers at the FamilyFun offices made two green moves: First, replacing all plastic utensils (for lunch eating and recipe testing) with real silverware, and second, installing a K-Cup recycling bin (for the dregs of our caffeinated designers and editors) next to the trash can.

Of course, our smart readers are always inspiring us to go the extra mile. Turning trash into toys and adopting 'pets' that compost are just a few of the fun ways they go green. So come on, join in the eco-friendly fun with your family and try any of these cool crafts.

Craft a cute felt critter that reminds kids to hit the lights when they leave a room:

Make this paper-eating monster (we used two grocery bags) to hold recyclable art project scraps:

Turn old milk and juice cartons into cute and reusable snack packs:

Repurpose all those single-sided school flyers, computer printouts and office memos with these recycled storage bins:

Play with a toy car wash made from an empty half-gallon carton:

For more great ideas, visit FamilyFun on Pinterest and check out our Earth Day Fun board.

Lucy Casale is an assistant editor at FamilyFun. She recently went green with her hair dye and had green strands for a few months. She recycles, too!


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