Watch the moment these 2-year-old twins saw each other for the first time after being separated.

Conjoined Sandoval Twins
Credit: Stanford Children's Hospital/Facebook

The Sandoval Twins, Eva and Erika, were born conjoined before their epic 17-hour separation surgery a week ago. Yesterday, the 2-year-old sisters saw each other again for the very first time since being separated and the resulting video—taken in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Stanford Children's Health—is giving us all the feels!

"The girls have been recovering in separate beds in the same room but could not see each other well," a staff member wrote on the hospital's Facebook page. "Here is the video we took when their intensive care team and parents carefully placed them side-by-side, carrying Erika to Eva's bed to say hello."

Awww! Just look at them staring at each other—what a beautiful moment! Their parents might want to consider investing in a second red truck, however.

"It was such a thrill for us to see the girls next to one another again," said mom Aida in the post.

Before the surgery, the girls were facing each other and joined from the lower chest down. They had separate hearts, lungs and stomachs; but shared a liver, bladder, two kidneys, three legs and parts of their digestive tract. Now they each have one leg, since the third was used to create skin grafts.

"Day by day they're getting better," said Alison Chiang, MD, a pediatric resident in the PICU who is caring for Eva. "They're happier and more playful and interactive with their family."

This makes our hearts so happy. Rock on, girls!

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