Families may be rethinking how frequently they visit the movie theater, thanks to MoviePass' new pricing.

By Maressa Brown
August 16, 2017

Taking the whole family to a Saturday matinee used to be an easy, fun, no-brainer activity, but over the years, thanks to rising costs and the availability of streaming services, we've all become less inclined to go to the theater. But now, Netflix co-founder Mitch Lowe is changing the game with his subscription service MoviePass. They used to charge $30-ish per month, but the service recently dropped their prices. Their latest offer: For just $9.95, you can see "unlimited" flicks at any theater near you. One caveat is that you can only see one movie per day... but still! Super-affordable!

Of course, not all movie theater chains are thrilled with this development. Variety.com reports that AMC is threatening to take legal action against MoviePass. In a statement, AMC called the service a "small fringe player" that "is not in the best interest of moviegoers, movie theatres, and movie studios." Oof!

For the time being, MoviePass subscribers can see movies at AMC's theaters, but the chain is looking into ways they can legally block use of the subscription service at their theaters. Seems like a fight multiple parties are going to get involved in and have to duke out among themselves.

In the meantime, plenty of moms and dads are sure to be thrilled about MoviePass' attempt to make a movie day a more accessible activity for families everywhere.


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