Michelle Obama got a few A-list stars, including Kelly Clarkson, Missy Elliott, and Zendaya, together to launch an awesome all-female girl power anthem called "This Is for My Girls."

By Hollee Actman Becker
March 17, 2016
Credit: Drew Anthony Smith/Getty Images

Talk about girl power!

The First Lady has teamed up with popular music artists like Zendaya, Kelly Clarkson, Missy Elliott, Lea Michele, Janelle Monáe, and Kelly Rowland to release an all-female girl power anthem called "This is For My Girls."

Sample lyric: "This is for my girls. All around the world. Stand up. Hold your head up. Don't take no s**t from nobody. This is for my girls. Stand up and be heard."

Described as a global call to action, the song was written by Oscar-nominee Diane Warren and will serve as a fundraising tool for Let Girls Learn, the Obamas' initiative to help adolescent girls attend and stay in school.

"Diane Warren and this collective of powerful, talented artists have truly taken action in support of Let Girls Learn," said The First Lady in a statement. "I am thrilled that they've created this anthem for the 62 million girls around the world who are not in school."

According to Warren, the whole thing came together very quickly, with the artists and their labels waiving their royalty fees so that all proceeds from the sales of the digital download of the song on iTunes will support Let Girls Learn. This will allow them to provide training to volunteers, become agents of change for girls and bring education to their communities.

"It happened so fast," the Academy Award-winner told Billboard. "Literally Kelly Clarkson was singing her part in Nashville while we were almost mastering it. So we dropped her vocals in. It was that crazy."

I think she means crazy amazing.

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