Well done, Mr. Reed!

By Melissa Willets
August 25, 2016
Credit: Ty Gotham/YouTube

A first-year teacher found a unique way to introduce himself and welcome his students to the fourth grade. No, Mr. Dwayne Reed didn't just make name tags and play an ice-breaker game with his students. The Chicago educator actually created a rap video called "Welcome to the 4th Grade," which he posted to YouTube.

"The song and video emphasize the reality that hard work is a must, but that school and learning can certainly be fun!" the description of this adorable video reads.

Sample lyrics of the catchy ditty (which I had in my head for hours after hearing it) include, "I dress to impress but I still rock sneakers." And, "I'll always greet you with a smile. I'll always try to make the lessons worthwhile."

And yes, it's as endearing as it sounds. And inspiring! Because this teacher really cares. And isn't that what we need more of? Plus, Mr. Reed sings about being as interested in teaching as having fun with his new students. Now there's a novel idea!

welcome to the 4th grade
Credit: Ty Gotham/YouTube

My favorite part of the rap is when he urges his students to respect one another.

I mean seriously, Mr. Reed, you have set the bar really high with your awesome energy, fresh perspective on teaching, and timely messages. Thanks for not being afraid to put yourself out there to entertain and invigorate your students, and others!

You can download the song for free on Reed's website.

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