A mother from Tasmania, Australia took to social media to share the devastating story of how she lost her little boy after he choked on a bouncy ball toy.

By Maressa Brown
March 06, 2018

Parents in Tasmania, Australia are absolutely beside themselves after losing their 3-year-old just days before his 4th birthday. A GoFundMe page—set up by a friend to support the Davis family as they grieve—notes that "the ball became stuck in his windpipe, preventing his ability to breathe, and in a matter of seconds, despite his mama's frantic attempts to save him, he passed away in her arms."

Mom Anna Davis took to social media to share additional heartbreaking details around the incident that played out right before her eyes last Monday. Noting that there had been quite a bit of "ignorant, hurtful, and incorrect" information circulating about the passing of her L.O., Davis wrote, "I of course tried to save our beautiful boy (including, but not only, undertaking CPR for 16 excruciating minutes until paramedics arrived), I was three feet away from Alby when the incident occurred and was by his side within seconds." She also shared that the ball—which was themed after the children’s show PJ Masks, was about the size of an Australian 50 cent coin—and shared a shot of it on Instagram. Davis noted that "the ball packaging states ‘not for children under three years’ - being only a few days away from turning 4, Alby was almost one year older than this advice."

What an important reminder to parents about potential choking hazards and considering the safety of small toys like this bouncy ball. That said, accidents happen, and this case is no doubt any parent's worst nightmare. Though she must still be in a state of deep sadness and shock, Davis shared a follow-up post on what would have been Alby's fourth birthday. Alongside a beautiful photo of herself and her son, the grieving mother wrote, "Darling Alby, today, despite the fact you are no longer with us, we celebrate and honour your fourth sunshine journey."

She continued, “Today, despite the fact you are no longer with us, we celebrate and honour your fourth sunshine journey. Our arms are yearning for the thousands of cuddles yet to be given, our ears are longing for your laughter to once again resound through the walls of our home, and our hearts are shattered for the millions of memories we’ll never have the chance to create. We, along with the world, are weeping, but we take solace in the fact that all you ever knew, in your almost-four-years, was nothing but love.”

In the wake of this heart-wrenching tragedy, the family has received many lovely words of support and condolences. In her March 2 post, Davis voiced her appreciation, writing, "We thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts, for the love and sympathy you have so graciously expressed. Knowing fellow mamas and papas are encircling our family, sharing in our grief, and clutching their babies a little tighter, brings us great comfort. Our golden boy will live on in us all."


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