By Jessica Hartshorn

Cute and furry Elmo has been a kid-favorite toy since Tickle Me Elmo was introduced in 1996. Parents and FamilyFun recently got a sneak peek of the 2015 version, Play All Day Elmo, and he is the most amazing yet. He's light and soft and huggable, but full of technology that gives him 150 different responses while playing with your kid.

To get Elmo to play, wake him up by squeezing his nose. You can use a switch in back to set him to toddler mode for simple responses, such as making a kissing noise if pressed to your child's cheek, or to preschool mode so he can also suggest games. For instance, Elmo can explain the rules of Red Light, Green Light, and sense if your child is running on green and stopping on red.

How does he do it? He's got some of the same featherweight sensors that are in the iPhone. This means he knows when he's upside-down or being bounced around and will make zany noises accordingly. He can play Freeze Dance and, as long as your child is holding him, know if your child is really freezing or still dancing. When you clap Elmo's hands together, he counts, and he knows the difference between when your child's hand is touching his belly or his own, and has separate responses for each.

Finally, he's got a naptime mode (yay!) that gets him talking in a low voice, singing a lullaby, and then drifting off to sleep, hopefully encouraging your tot to do the same! Look for Hasbro's Play All Day Elmo to be everywhere during the holiday season, targeted for kids 18 months to 4 years, with a price tag of $60.



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