You'll want every piece for your kiddos' bedrooms when the new collection hits stores and on February 12.

February 10, 2017

Superheroes, mermaids, and llamas—oh my! Pillowfort, Target's exclusive home décor brand for kids, will unleash its Spring 2017 collection on stores and at February 12, and we've got a sneak peek at the on-trend pieces your little ones are going to love.

Target Global Getaway
target pillowfort spring collection 2
Credit: Ceramic Cactus Table Lamp, $29.99; Llama Print Sheet Set, $17.99; Modern Fiesta Pillow, $16.99

Get ready for plenty of happy colors and fun themes across dozens of new items, from bedding sets to wall decor, lighting options, whimsical canopies and throw pillows, and more. Prices for items in the new collection—which builds on Target's existing Pillowfort brand—range from just $7.99 to $49.99.

Target Heroes Hideout

"Redoing a kids’ bedroom does not have to be expensive," says Emily Henderson, Target's home style expert. "Consider adding little décor touches that create a big impact: I like the Pillowfort Stripe Canopy – at under $40, it’s a great way to refresh your kid's bed without buying a new piece of furniture."

target pillowfort spring collection collage
Credit: Stripe Canopy, $36.99; Felt Masked Bulldog Head Wall Decor, $19.99; Llama 3D Framed Wall Art, $16.99

"You can also swap in new sheets and throw pillows as the seasons change," she says. "And hanging affordable wall art together is another fun way to update a kids bedroom without breaking the bank."

Target Vibrant Villa

Henderson adds that one of the great things about Target's Pillowfort assortment is that it was designed to grow with children. "In terms of upgrading to a 'big kid' room, I think bedding is one of the easiest ways to reinvent a kid’s bedroom," she says. "Let your child help you pick out new sheets and a comforter for their room. This will give them a sense of ownership and it’s an easy update to make together with minimum spend."

Target Royal Retreat
target pillowfort spring 3
Credit: Metallic Crown Pillow, $16.99; Felt Swan Head Wall Decor, $24.99

If you want to involve your kids in some new style choices but are hesitant because, let's face it, what they're "in to" changes pretty frequently, Henderson suggests sharing a few options you feel comfortable with and letting your child make the final decision.

Target Beachy Bunk

"For example, if you’re planning to paint your kid’s bedroom, pick out a handful of colors that you like, but allow them to make the final decision," she says. "The same thing goes for what I like to call 'the final layer.' Let your children help with picking throw pillows, blankets and lamps – these are easy enough to swap out over time when your kid’s taste changes.

Target Lovely Lagoon
target pillowfort spring 4
Credit: Mermaid Pillow, $16.99; Mermaid Print Sheet Set, $17.99; Ceramic Seahorse Table Lamp, $29.99

If your kids share a room, it can be tricky to choose decor that pleases both personalities. "Don’t be afraid to mix and match," Henderson says. "When decorating a room for more than one person, start by picking a color scheme that everyone is happy with. From there, incorporate patterns that compliment the colors you chose. Finally, be sure to layer a lot of neutrals throughout the room – this will make the entire space look pulled together and the multiple colors and patterns look and feel more intentional."