With Easter coming up, I thought I'd share some fun activities that we've done with eggs -- everything from math and science to word games and letter recognition! So here it goes.

Egg Matching: There are lots of fun things to do with all those plastic Easter eggs we all have lying around. The egg halves can be used for matching upper - lower case letters, word families, clock face - digital time, math problems, and more!

Easter Egg Matching

Scavenger Hunt!! Fill the plastic eggs with a math fact, letter/sound practice or simply have your child tell you the egg's color before running off to find the next egg hidden around the house (or outside). Since we have three kids in our family, I would color code the eggs and each one had to find only a certain color egg. Below is a picture of the eggs I set up for two of my kids when they were 6 and almost 4.

Egg Scavenger Hunt

Color Matching: You can set up a simple preschool activity for the kids by placing the plastic eggs in an egg carton and having the kids place matching pom-poms in the right egg. Having them use a spoon, tweezers or tongs adds a level of difficulty and helps them with small motor skills.

Color Matching Eggs

Flipping Eggs: Several years ago we did an egg activity related to Green Eggs and Ham. The kids liked this so much, that we repeated it regularly! We happened to use the upper and lower case letters Rr, but obviously you could use any letter your child is working on. Or, you could use this activity and have the kids sort out word families like -ail and -ale or vowel teams like -ow and -ou.

Green Eggs and Ham

Word Family File Folder Game: When I was thinking of activities to include with this post, I thought it would be fun to include an egg-themed file folder game. (They are called file folder games because many people glue the games onto folders for easy storage.) I made an Easter egg game for practicing the -at -it and -ot word families. There are two activities. For the first one, kids place the egg onto the word family sorting mat. For the second activity, kids match an egg with its basket.

Word Family Game -at -it -ot words

You can download this game free over at by clicking on the link or picture below:

Easter Word Family Game -at -it -ot

Egg Races: Another game I made, was a math game called Egg Races. The great thing about this game is that kids can practice any skill as long as the answer is between 4 and 9. You can take a wooden cube and write the numbers (for number recognition) or write math problems like 2+2, 6-2, or 12í·3. Before starting the race, everyone guesses which number will win. Then players take turns rolling the die and move the token ahead one space. The first egg to make it into the basket "wins." My kids played this yesterday. I had my older kids use the division die and my youngest used one with subtraction problems. They played the game five times... so the true winner was me because of all the math practice we got in! You can download the Egg Races Math Game free over on my blog as well.

Egg Races Math Fact Game

Science Egg-speriments: Last year, we had a lot of fun learning some of the science behind eggs. We explored

  • Why are eggs shaped the way they are?
  • Why do they move the way they do?
  • Can you stand on an egg?
  • Will eggs float or sing in water?
  • Do eggs breathe?
  • How do chicks develop inside an egg?
  • Is this egg hard boiled or raw?
  • Brush your... egg

I made a 16-page Egg-Speriment Packet which has the various science experiments and activities we did relating to eggs. It is free to download on my blog as well. Our favorite activity was the egg in a jar activity. More details about that are in the packet.

Egg in a Jar Activity

Visit my blog to download the free Science Egg-speriment Pack

Science Egg Experiment Packet

We hope you and your family have lots of fun with eggs!

Liesl homeschools her three elementary age kids and loves finding creative, hands-on activities and great books to share with her kids. Check out her blog at and follow her on Facebook, ,Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.