The always hilarious LaGuardia Cross gives his 2-year-old daughter Amalah the ultimate big sister test and—spoiler alert!—she totally fails.


Does your oldest child have what it takes to be a good big sibling? That's what dad vlogger LaGuardia Cross—whose wife Leah is currently preggers with baby #2—was wondering. So he decided to put his 2-year-old first-born Amalah to the test in his hilarious new YouTube upload, "How to Be a Big Sister."

"I gave my daughter some assignments to prepare her for big sisterhood," he explains as the video opens. "And I recorded everything so you can see for yourself why things turned out the way they did.'

Uh oh!

First, Cross had Amalah practicing feeding using a baby doll and a plastic bottle. But she quickly got distracted and started using the bottle to play the guitar. Crafty! Afterwards, he had her try to burp the doll, which she did by... slapping her repeatedly on the head. Yikes! Next up: diapering. What could possibly go wrong here?

"I figured that since you have had your own diaper changed for the last two-plus years, that you would be an expert in this area," Cross explains to his little girl. And things do get off to a pretty good start—that is, until the big sis-to-be starts using the baby wipes to clean her feet, forgetting all about her poor fake baby sister, now lying diaperless on the bed.

"And if that wasn't enough, you started cleaning the guitar, too," Cross scolds.

Amalah may not have what it takes to be a good older sib just yet, but we think her future as a rock star is looking pretty imminent, don't you?

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