Will we see a same-sex couple in the sequel to Finding Nemo? The answer is yes if the Internet has anything to say about it.


Does Finding Dory feature the first same-sex couple in Disney history? It's the question everyone is asking after the official trailer for the long-anticipated movie was finally released.

The moment that has the Internet buzzing happens around halfway through the clip, when we see two women standing together with a baby stroller. Could this be a lesbian couple?

It would make sense, wouldn't it? I mean, Dory is voiced by Ellen DeGeneres who is married to actress Portia de Rossi.

But as Pop Sugar points out, the women could also be friends, or neighbors. Or sisters. Or cousins.

But people are still speculating online that the women are a couple.

I guess we'll have to wait until June 17 when the movie hits theaters to find out for sure. Either way, what's the big deal? This is 2016 after all, and gay marriage is legal. And even it weren't, I kinda think it's about time we saw a same-sex couple in a kids' movie. We should see all types of couples; gay, straight, biracial, whatever. That's what our kids are going to see out in the real world anyway.

Meanwhile, there's also been a push to give Elsa a girlfriend in the Frozen sequel.

What do you think of same-sex couples being featured in Disney films?

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