August 03, 2015

Getting her first tube of lipstick can be a rite of passage for a young girl. Makeup can be used as a form of self-expression and a boost to self-confidence. But how young is too young to break into cosmetics?

Kim Kardashian's makeup artist posted a photo from Saplings Magazine to his Instagram account @makeupbymario in June of a 4-year-old wearing winged eyeliner and lipstick. Later that month, Tori Spelling's 7-year-old daughter posed in red lipstick for a Father's Day picture her mom shared on Instagram.

Both photos were met with backlash, with commenters saying the makeup sexualized the girls and could encourage girls to focus too much on appearance. Others defended the posts, arguing little girls just want to act like their moms and shouldn't be held back from expressing themselves.

We want to know: Do you think it's OK to let little girls wear makeup in public? Take our poll, and then share a comment below — it could appear in a future issue of Parents.

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Marissa Laliberte is an Editorial Intern at Parents magazine who loves running, baking, and drinking coffee. Follow her on Twitter: @mjlaliberte.

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