Do We Have to Make Every Halloween Costume Sexy?

The Internet is not down with this sexy Stranger Things costume.

Online retailer is selling a sexy Stranger Things Halloween costume for grown women and people are freaking out. Why? Because the risque get-up is modeled after the 12-year-old character named Eleven, who is played by 13-year-old actress Millie Bobbie Brown-

For the record, Upside Honey is actually one of Yandy's more chaste costumes. The retailer has long-since been selling saucy versions of popular child character costumes like Desirable Dorothy, Little Miss Red, and Eat Me Alice.

There's also a sexy Nemo available on the site, a sexy Pokemon and a sexy Minion. They've even got a sultry little Dancing Sewer Clown from the movie It.

But again, this is a site for grown-ups who are old enough to decide how they want to look and what kind of message they want to send on Halloween. And Yandy is far from the only retailer that offers up this kind of stuff. Just last year, Amazon UK was forced to remove a bunch of racy costumes for girls as young as four and five from its site after child advocacy groups complained. And while Yandy's Upside Down Honey—a reference to the cult Netflix series' upside down universe—is a little different since the site is strictly for adults, the question remains: Do ALL Halloween costumes have to be sexy? Is nothing sacred these days?

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