By Ellen Sturm Niz
July 06, 2015

As America celebrated its independence this past weekend, Britney Spears and her sons Sean, 9, and Jayden, 8, celebrated the holiday at Disneyland. In addition to taking advantage of all the rides and attractions the Happiest Place on Earth has to offer, the 33-year-old mom and her boys struck a pose with some beaded curtains at the theme park to take a pic reminiscent of her iconic "Oops! ... I Did It Again" album cover from 2000.

Spears shared the pic on July 4th via Twitter, where the former Mickey Mouse Club member also posted a photo of her family in a Disney boat ride. In that photo, Spears is even wearing a Minnie Mouse ears headband—which she pulls off as super cute. The celebrity mom and sons are beaming in both photos, clearly having a great time.

Britney at Disney 41754

While most of us have never recorded an album that sold 24 million copies, re-creating photos from our past or from when we were kids is a pretty common parenting move, don't you think? A few years ago, I tried to snap a shot of my daughter in front of the same landmark in downtown Manhattan I had posed in front of on a family vacation many years ago. It didn't quite work out as planned—toddlers are not always super cooperative, unfortunately. I may try again now that she's older, and actually closer to the age I was when the original photo of me was taken.

What about you? Have you ever tried to re-create a photo from when you were younger with your kids?

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