With the biggest weekend movie opening of all time, Jurassic World roared into theaters to prove that the love of all things dinosaur certainly isn't extinct. So, we rounded up a few of our favorite dino-themed toys, games, and baking molds(?!):

Older kids will love these STEM themed Eitech Dinosaur Series build sets that come in three prehistoric forms - Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, and T-Rex.

Eitech 36340

Photo courtesy of Eitech

Fans of the movie will love the one, the only...Jurassic World Chomping Indominus Rex Figure! Ahhhhhh!!!!

Jurassic World Indominous Rex Dinosaur 36341

Photo courtesy of Hasbro

Littler fans may prefer the slightly less terrifying Jurassic World Tyrannosaurus Rex.


Photo courtesy of Hasbro

Jurassic World Raptor Claws (1) 36343

Dino Meal has players racing to save stolen dinosaur eggs before the hungry T.Rex eats them for breakfast.

Dino Meal Product and Game Right Angle 36345

And for a totally different way to celebrate our fossilized friends, make a Dino themed cake or lollipops using the HABA brand molds, and you'll be the one doing the chomping!

Bild f탼r die Haba Firmenfamilie 36346
Bild f탼r die Haba Firmenfamilie 36347

Photos courtesy of HABA

Which dinosaur-themed toys are your kids (or you!) most excited about?

Krista is an assistant researcher at FamilyFun. Her favorite dinosaur is the Diplodocus.