Did Your Kids Wreck You? See These Awesome Before and After Shots from Got Toddlered

"It's like watching a caterpillar transform into a butterfly, only in reverse."

Kids ruin everything, don't they? Whether it's your new car or your good shirt or your expensive white couch, nothing is ever quite the same again once you have a bunch of toddlers running around the place.

Just ask Dad and Buried blogger Mike Julianelle, who highlighted the concept to hilarious effect on his Instagram account "Got Toddlered":

Pretty funny, right? But you know what else our offspring rob us of? Our looks. Need proof? Check out this pic of Julianelle before he had two kids, and then after:

Quite a metamorphosis, wouldn't you agree?! And yes, we get that 10 years have elapsed since that first fresh-faced shot on the left was taken, and that even without kids, Julianelle would most likely have been showing signs of aging. But still, his transformation is pretty dramatic—and yet also hilariously relatable.

Which is probably why the Brooklyn dad then decided to encourage his followers to send in their own pics that show just how much THEY have been "toddlered" since having kiddos.

"This October, I'm opening up @gottoddlered to your submissions of your scariest Before and After Kids' pics!" he explained. "If you're not afraid, send your photos to gottoddlered@gmail.com and let the nightmares begin!"

Several parents were brave enough to respond. Here, then, are some of our favorites:

We could seriously look at these things all day. There's still 11 days left in October, guys—what are you waiting for?

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