One California father is working with tattoo artist Jess Koala to create a sleeve made up entirely of his little girls' drawings.

Little Girl Coloring
Credit: Alfa Photostudio/Shutterstock 

Talk about a dedicated dad! A tattoo artist in San Francisco named Jess Koala took to Instagram back in September to reveal that a dad named Eric had his daughters Graci and Isabell design his arm sleeve.

"So, Eric might be the coolest dad ever," Koala wrote alongside the photos of the work so far. "He is having his daughters design this sleeve."

Eric initially "started out with self-portraits of his daughters, and then decided to expand upon it!” Koala told Yahoo Lifestyle. “We came up with the idea of having the girls draw ‘flash sheets’, so he has drawings to choose from the next time he comes in to get tattooed.” Heartwarming and efficient!

Koala explains that flash sheets are designs for tattoos on paper that help create a stencil. “I made stencils directly from the girls drawings, so it worked generally the same as any other tattoo,” she shared. "We have only had two sessions on the sleeve so far, but it will eventually cover his entire left arm.”

Currently, Eric is sporting self-portraits of both girls, an owl, a heart that says 'love,' and a rainbow flower, Koala explained. "The girls are working on more drawings, and we will do another session in a few months," she shared.

Very cool! As many people who adore body art will attest, you can't go wrong with a super-personal piece. As for this doting dad's colorful sleeve, final product will surely be a sight to behold!