Dax Shepard Gets Real With His Daughter About Santa Claus

The actor says he's telling his 2-year-old daughter the truth about Christmas and St. Nick.
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Can we discuss the awesomeness that is Dax Shepard for a minute?

What? You're not on board?

Then you clearly haven't heard about the hilarious way he explained Santa Claus to his 2-year-old daughter Lincoln when he stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday.

"I said, 'There's gonna be a guy stopping by on Christmas Eve in a red jumpsuit with combat boots. Huge Grizzly Adams beard. He goes by Kristopher Kringle or St. Nick, he's got a lot of aliases,'" the 40-year-old actor told DeGeneres. "I said, 'And he's gonna show up riding a team of endangered animals. He's gonna park them on the roof, then he's gonna rappel in. He's gonna root around the area for a while, eat some cookies and what not. Don't worry, he's not diabetic. He looks like it, but he's OK."

I'm so stealing that!

Lincoln, however, just wanted to know if the mysterious man in red was married. "I told her 'You know, he's married, but he travels a lot,'" Shepard recounted. "'I don't know what his real arrangement is. He hangs out with a lot of children, but I guess they're like his employees.' So she's excited, she can't wait to meet this...felon."

The actor has been married to House of Lies star Kristen Bell since 2013, so when he turned up on the show dressed in CHiPS regalia to promote the new movie he wrote, directed, and is starring in, Ellen couldn't help but ask him if his wife was digging the uniform.

"I think Kristen stopped seeing me as a sexual being a few years ago," Shepard deadpanned, before adding: "No, I'm teasing. She thinks I look studly."


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