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David Beckham Teaches Daughter How to Bend it Like...Well, Beckham

She's going to have a leg up on the competition! Harper Beckham got a soccer lesson from a guy who knows his way around the sport: her dad!

Harper Beckham is going to be a real force on the soccer field if she decides to take up the game—because her coach just so happens to be one of the sport's greatest athletes.

David Beckham gave his little girl a lesson...and lucky for us, he shared a video of the whole thing. The dad-and-daughter duo spent a sweet day outdoors learning basic "football" moves, and we'd say that'll definitely give Harper a competitive edge if she chooses to join a league!

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"Someone’s ready for her first football lesson," Beckham wrote alongside a clip of him holding hands with his daughter (aw!) and teaching her how to kick the ball.

Someone’s ready for her first football lesson ❤️ ⚽️

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The athlete shared a second video as well: This one showed Harper kick the ball back to her dad, and her moves looked pretty darn impressive (but then, was there ever any doubt? It's in her blood!)

Harper is 6 years old, and we're surprised it took Beckham so long to get her out on the field to learn the sport. Then again, maybe she's been busy practicing her singing and dancing with her mama (who just so happens to be former Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham, NBD).

Beckham's son, Brooklyn, has been vocal about his decision to stray from a career in the sport that made his dad a household name. "I had a lot of pressure on me. Every time I made a mistake everyone was looking at me like, 'Oh my God, like, he made a mistake,'" he told ET. "I still really enjoy it and I still watch it with my dad all the time, but I kinda just wanted to go in my own direction."

Well, that might explain why Harper went six years without a soccer lesson from Daddy! Whatever the case may be, we loved seeing these adorable father-daughter moments.